What is ilovekids.in?
ilovekids.in is an online photo contest where you can upload your kid photo to participate.

Is there are any Participation or Entry fees?
No, The entry to ilovekids.in photo contest is completely free for all.

Is ilovekids.in Photo Contest open for all Countries?
Yes, We welcome entries from all around the world. So it is open for all countries.

What is the Age Limit for the Contest?
The age limit to enter in ilovekids.in photo contest is up to 10 years.

How to Participate in ilovekids.in Photo Contest?
– Visit ilovekids.in
– Register and Upload photo of your kid.
– Wait for the Confirmation page for the Entry approval.
– Your kid unique URL link will generated.
– Click on the link & then Share it.
– Done! Entry with maximum number of Votes wins.

How can I Vote for my kid in Contest?
To Vote, open your kid unique URL or search for your kid in Entries page & click on the CLICK HERE TO VOTE green button below the photo.

How to Share kid Photo on Social Media?
To share your kid photo with your friends & family members on social media, Open your kid unique URL page or search for your kid in Entries page & click on the social media sharing button on the bottom of the page to share your entry.

How to Win ilovekids.in Photo Contest?
Without your friends & family members support, you can’t win. So if you want to Win you need to share your kid unique URL link with your friends & family members on social media and ask for their support every hour. You can send reminder to them on WhatsApp every hour by making a WhatsApp group or on Facebook.

How many times We can Vote for our kid?
You and your supporters can vote every 1 hour for your kid. You can vote 1 time from 1 IP Address in 1 hour.

What will Happen If I Vote Before 1 Hour?
If you try to vote before 1 hour then you will see this message “You have Voted Already” or “Someone else has already voted out of this IP Address” as we have IP Address protection in our voting system.

Why I am not able to Vote After 1 Hour?
Sometimes your web browser saves cookies & cache in your system. So you need to clear your browser cookies/cache from the browser settings and then open your kid photo link again to Vote.

What are Invalid Votes & How you Detect Them?
Invalid votes are the votes done through proxy servers. We have 8 layers of protection in our voting system. We have the vote logs for each entry in the contest. If we detect invalid votes then we can discard your entry into the contest or we can decrease double the number of invalid votes.

How do you Calculate Final Votes?
Final votes are calculated on the basis of ilovekids.in Votes – Invalid Votes (if Any).


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